Peoples Bank Debit Mastercard

IMPORTANT Information about your NEW MasterCard! 

All new Peoples Bank Debit MasterCards MUST BE ACTIVATED BY JUNE 30, 2017.

Existing Peoples Bank Visa Debit Cards will expire on July 1, 2017.

You will be receiving the PIN number for your new MasterCard in the mail.

PIN Options:

  • Use the PIN number you receive in the mail
  • Use the PIN number you receive at any of our Peoples Bank ATM machines to change your PIN
  • Call or stop by any of our Peoples Bank offices to change your PIN


Your Debit Card Benefits


Protection, benefits and security! 

Using your EMV chip debit MasterCard is a faster, safer, and more convenient way to pay. Forget about carrying the right amount of cash or writing checks. Plus, it’s easier to monitor spending and plan household budgeting when you pay with debit.


Mastercard ID Theft Protection™

MasterCard is the only payment brand that provides its U.S. cardholders with services – at no extra cost – to help you detect and resolve identity theft.


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