Mobile Deposits

Deposit your checks anytime with the Peoples Bank Mobile app.

Simply endorse and snap of photo of your check and you’ve made your deposit!

Click here to complete our Peoples Mobile Deposit Application

Once you’re enrolled, just login to Peoples on our Mobile App and click on DEPOSITS

Check out our  Mobile Deposit FAQs

How it works

  • Login to Peoples Mobile App, tap on DEPOSITS

        MB Menu

  • Endorse your check (sign, and then write, For mobile deposit only, Peoples Bank)
  • Hold this check for 14 days, then write VOID on it and shred it


  • Tap on CHECK FRONT and CHECK BACK to take a pictures of your check
  • Enter the check amount then Tap DEPOSIT TO ACCOUNT to select the account and tap on DEPOSIT


  • You will receive email notifications and warnings for accepted and rejected deposits
  • You CAN NOT deposit Foreign items, Savings Bonds, Third Party Checks, or Returned/Re-deposited items
  • Only 1 check per deposit is allowed