When You Travel or Buy Online

When you plan to travel or make online purchases, please check this page to find any issues that may affect the use of your debit card.

Please check back from time to time to see if states have been removed or added to this list.

Grocery store, discount store, and pharmacy purchases outside of Missouri: There has been ongoing fraud risk at grocery stores, discount stores, and pharmacies outside of Missouri, so you may use your card with your PIN, but not make Swipe & Sign purchases. For purchases made in Missouri you can continue to PIN or Swipe & Sign

Foreign Countries:

For your protection, the default setting on debit cards is to not allow foreign transactions which could be either online foreign transactions or purchases in foreign countries.  If you plan to travel outside the country, please call 573-885-2511 or complete and return the Travel Notification form, so we can activate your card temporarily for the time of your trip.

For the ability to make online foreign transactions, please call 573-885-2511.

For your peace of mind, we would also encourage you to carry one or more additional payment methods when traveling outside of the country.

Traveling Outside Your Normal Transaction Area:

To protect you against fraudulent use of your card, Peoples Banks monitors debit card transactions for unusual activity.  Unusual activity is often purchases outside your normal transaction area, so before you travel, please call 573 -885-2511 or complete and return the Travel Notification form. Notifying us in advance prevents two possible trip interruptions – us calling you to make sure the out-of-area transactions are not fraudulent, and if we can’t reach you, the possibility of your purchases being declined until we can speak with you.

To verify a blocked card transaction call Fraud Block at 800-411-8498.